AnoRak Ensemble

Korenbeurs Schiedam, januari 2013

Meriç Artaç- Composer, Writer & Stage Director

Acteur: Jochem Smit
Sopraan: Sara Leemans
Hobo: Konstanze Hofer
Hoorn: Hans Blok
Kostuum: Elin de Jon

"It is time for food, stomachs are empty, everybody is waiting to be served. The visitors have gone beyond being hungry, they are famished!

Meet our only customer; Kirgo, a proud and rude man, waiting impatiently, unable to leave his seat of power. He just wants to eat and leave. Will he keep it together?
Then we have Gozo and Buldo, twin brothers, the cafes musicians, happy and hungry. Gozo is in love with the waitress. He is very sure of himself, his brother surely is not. Buldo wants his brothers confidence. His brother just wants Marta. Yes Marta, she is the cafes waitress.Her dream is to be a singer. Yes she is a dreamer...

They all want something. Everybody wants something. Is cafe Dorst the place where everybody get what they desire? "